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Your accommodation is certainly the first thing you will look into as you plan your trip. In Thessaloniki you will find some of the best hotels in Greece. With discrete luxury and elegance, each hotel in the city provides unique and refined moments.




In Thessaloniki restaurants, traditional Macedonian food, Middle-Eastern food and European cuisine play a dominating role. This town is a prefecture known for its traditional cuisine and vast variety of foods.



This town is famous for its intense nightlife and the countless entertainment choices it offers for every taste and at all hours and days of the week. In fact, the city is alive almost every night!





The market here is known for its size and variety since it’s the most updated market in Northern Greece. In the centre of the city you will find brand name shops in close proximity to each other, where you can easily find whatever you need.





At our travel guide, you will find the most reliable beauty institutes, spas and gyms in town with the best service and the most complete service catalogue.



thessaloniki-theatre To Lose Lautrec
The Dance Theatre of NTNG in cooperation with sinequanon dance group presents the dance theatre performance entitled: To Lose Lautrec..
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thessaloniki concert hall Balkan Baroque Band
View the complete program of Thessaloniki's Music Hall
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